Terms and Conditions

Secure Payment:
Infinity ensures a secure Payment Sense option, employing robust SSL encryption to safeguard transactions. These methods entail no additional cost to you (Infinity assumes seller charges, not the buyer). Usage of these payment modes doesn’t mandate an account. For comprehensive terms and conditions, please consult Payment Sense.  

Privacy and Protection of PersonalData:
Providing details is vital for order processing, delivery, billing and warranty establishment. Failure to furnish these particulars will result in order cancellation. As per applicable European and National laws(article 34 of the law of 6 January 1978), you retain the permanent right to access and rectify your information. Cookies aid in generating visitor statistics without containing confidential data. 

Booking Confirmation:
A booking is confirmed only upon receiving an Infinity confirmation email. Notify Infinity promptly of any booking confirmation mistakes. Participants are responsible for arriving on time; late arrivals might not be able to undertake the activity. with no refunds or compensation offered.  

You can cancel your booking at least 5 days before the start time via email (info@infinityparks.co.uk)for a full refund. Cancellation within 5 days won’t warrant a refund but we canre schedule it to a later date/time. Infinity reserves the right to cancel bookings and will notify you, offering a full refund without additional compensation. If the Activity Equipment closes due to reasons beyond Infinity’s control after your participation starts, no refund is provided.  

Debit/credit card payments are refunded to the same card or via cheque if the card has expired. Changes to a party booking must be made 48hours before the booking date, subject to availability. The refund policy necessitates a 5-day notice period; cancellations within this timeframe won’t be refunded but can be rescheduled, subject to availability.  Safety:Participants must be in good physical condition and abstain if they have certain medical condition or are pregnant. Weight restriction of 18 stones apply and wearing socks on the equipment is mandatory at all times. Participants are responsible for their safety and children in their care.Infinity doesn’t directly supervise or assess participant’s abilities; this responsibility lies with the participant or guardian.

Participants must dress appropriately, wear socks at all times on the Activity Equipment and avoid items that may cause danger to themselves, others or the Activity Equipment. Infinity is not liable for any damage or loss of personal items.  

Ownership of Content:
Infinity website content (including illustrations, texts, names, brand names, images and videos) is the exclusive property of Infinity.Any reproduction, whether in part or in full, of this content on any medium requires prior explicit authorization from Infinity. All information, content and files are safeguarded by international laws governing intellectual property and copyright. Infinity cannot grant permission for coping displaying or distributing content without appropriate intellectual rights. Any unauthorized use of this content that infringes upon third-party rights constitutes forgery, a serious offense punishable under the Intellectual Property Code.   

Responsibility and Third-PartyRights:
Infinity holds no responsibility should a user’s activities on the site infringe upon the rights of a third party.  

Cancellation Policy for PartyBookings:
You have the option to cancel your booking by notifyingInfinity at least 5 days prior to the scheduled start time via email at info@infinityparks.co.uk. A fullrefund is available for cancellations made under this clause. If you need to cancel within 5 days of your booking, we cannot issue a refund but are happy toreschedule your booking to a later date/time that suits you.  Please note that party bookings cannot be changed within 48 hours of the scheduled date/time. Infinity reserves the right to cancel your booking at anytime. Should Infinity decide to cancel, reasonable efforts will be made to notify you promptly. In such cases, a full refund will be provided under thisclause, without any additional compensation payable. If circumstances beyond Infinity’s control necessitate the closure of the Activity Equipment after your party has started participating,no refund (full or partial) will be provided. In Such instances, Infinity may, at its discretion, offer alternative dates or times at reduced rates, but thisis not obligatory. Guests who do not attend without prior notice will not be eligible for a refund.  

Infinity holds no responsibility for property loss ordamage, nor any harm to individuals resulting from activity booking or participation, unless otherwise stipulated in these Booking Terms and Conditions. On-siteparking is available, but owners leave vehicles at their own risk. Compliance with facility provider conditions and payment of associated fees are mandatory at the site. Infinity’s liability, unless stated otherwise in the Booking Termsand Conditions, is capped at refunding charges paid to Infinity. Nothing withinthese Booking Terms and Conditions aims to restrict Infinity’s liabilityconcerning death or personal Injury caused by Infinity, its employees, agents,or contractors’ negligence.

Please email info@infinityparks.co.uk if you have any questions.

CCTV System Usage:
The CCTV system is installed to deter crime, the safety of individuals, protect property and aid in investigation when necessary. Recorded footage will be stored securely and in compliance with relevant data protection laws and regulations. Infinity is committed to protecting the privacy of individuals and complying with data protection laws. CCTV footage will not be used for purposes other than security and safety, except when legally required for investigations or as permitted by law.